passion4killerwhales asked:

Your Kasatka is very well done. Is that made of Polymer clay?

Yep, super-sculpey.

And thanks, I was still wondering whether people are being sarcastic with me or not. XD I’m so insecure. But like I said, the painting of it is not nearly done, and some places got a bit thick (drying paint that was not as smooth), so I had to peel it off in places and start over. :P





My first attempt at a killer whale sculpt. :)

It’s Kasatka and I’m nowhere near done painting, so be gentle.

Scale is 2%, so 5.3 meter Kasatka is here 10.6 cm.

I noticed I placed the belly button too far down on the sculpt, today when I found better belly-shots for painting her. So I simply covered that up and painted a little belly button higher up. :P

I can’t help it. I HAD to reblog. TEACH ME. HOLY HELL. I suck at stuff like this.

It’s such a nice feeling that we have such talented guys on Earth. The sculpture is reeeeealy awesome, keep it up :D

Thank you both very much. :D


Anonymous asked:

There's a website called The Mid-Cap Chronicles that is kind of interesting. It seems to be neutral. I haven't looked through it that much - but I do know that it is run by Joe Kleiman, who wrote "Dissecting Blackfish" and runs a theme park website called Themed Reality. I don't know if that helps your other anon at all. :)

cetacean-captivity answered:

sounds interesting, something I definitely have to look up! 

Now everyone can call themselves whatever they want, but this quote from the page: "I’m not an animal activist, but I am concerned about animal welfare. I fully support zoos and aquariums, especially in the fields of conservation and education. And I support SeaWorld, though I see the possibility for change in the near future."

Sounds just like my stance, and that of many pro-caps. Just because we’re fine with the animals being in human care doesn’t mean we like the bad facilities, or don’t care about animal welfare.

I’m still working on my video project, hopefully I will be done before the year is over (I’m taking my time on purpose, so I know it will be well-made and well-argued and have time to fact-check), but there’s one point I need some help with.

The argument: “The lights and noises are harmful to the whales.”

What would you say to that?